Dec 24 , 2018

Hayden Bowles

Fun Activities to do with Babies and Toddlers

Playing with babies is always a fun thing to do, and as a parent, it is compulsory to spend some time with your littlies.  It is said that with parent’s babies stay much happier than with any other family member so playing with your baby means giving him growth with much happiness. Here we suggest some fun activities to do for entertaining your baby as well as improving his/her learning skill.


It is like hide and seek with books and toys. You just need a blanket to hide things under it, in starting, leave the corners uncovered so that baby can find it easily. It will enhance their motor skills and knowledge about things.

Clapping Together:

Make your baby clap with you with little soft hands and see the smile on your baby’s cute face.

Finger Painting:

Use washable finger paint by squeezing it in a zippered bag use duct tape for securely closing the zip. Shake it and spread the paint inside the bag then throw it in front of your baby.  Show you littlies how to create marks outside and it will help to enhance the creativity and artwork of your baby.

Container Game:

Put some little things in a container and pass it to your baby. He just starts throwing things out from the container and tries to get into the container in place of the things. It is really funny and enjoyable to do with cutie pies.

Puzzle and Stacking:

You can try puzzle game with toddlers and stacking with little ones. Just stack some cups and throw them down and the baby start doing the same. Also, there may be a competition can start who builds a stack faster.


Use a board or cloth and some picture books and engage your baby in reading by pointing onto the pictures. You can try it by changing your voice according to different characters you are reading from a book. It will enhance your baby’s learning skill and he starts laughing and acting on the expressions as per the story you read.

So these are some fun activities that you can try with your littlies and enjoy a lot.





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